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Dev Log #5 – Khaz Lighting & Zombie Respawn Animations

Removed Khaz Ultra Lighting from the Game This morning I made the difficult decision to remove Khaz Ultra Lighting and Real time shadows from the game for a massive performance boost. The performance ... »

Dev Log #4 – Steam Beta Keys

Dev Log #4 – Steam Beta Keys

Steam Beta Keys After spending an entire two days trying to get back some lost dev posts, I finally threw the towel in. I have now just moved on from this. We have been working extremely hard to get t... »

Corpse Mansion Gameplay

Dev Log #3 – New Mob Type & Game Mechanics

Killer Mob Type I would like to first introduce a new mob type to the game. These guys who are dubbed killers, have increased speed when they catch you in their line of sight. They also attack faster ... »

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