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Steam Beta Updates & Fixes #7

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- Fixed a graphics issue with the new replacement bloody gore zombies recently added to the game.
- Bullets would not hit enemies right up against buildings above the player. This is now fixed.
- Bullets would no longer break the mirrors in bathrooms, this has now been fixed.


- Added rope capability for tent Safehouse located in the Clarkestown Woods to allow easier access to the area. (requires rope x1)
- Updated a lot of the Weapon Stats and Abilities Info Windows to display the new corrected information.
- Added all object movement hints to the game. (can be disabled in options.)
- Added more gory objects to the game including a floating body in water.(Courtesy of Matthew from the team for his wonderful inspiration.)
- Grass has been finished and will now always give you a random drop. (sometimes you won't get anything.)
- Added Dead Body Possible Object Movement.
- Added new Mechanic where you can either choose to save other survivors or let them perish.
- Altered chances of receiving certain items from mobs. It was too easy to get many of one type of weapon. This should now be resolved.
- Removed Flashlight item from the game because it no longer serves any purpose right now.

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