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Steam Beta Updates & Fixes #6

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Hey everyone. This update focuses on refining the battle mechanics. It's an important update to the game. Please remember to start a new game and check each weapons item info in the inventory by hovering your mouse over a particular item you're interested in or you can manually select it from the item command menu to get the window to appear.


-Finished implementing all respawn animations so all 48 different zombies now come out of the ground when they spawn.
- Random Drops for Grass has been implemented but not for all grass. Some grass will always give you nothing or always give you one specific item once, which usually is called a rare patch of grass
- Bullet speed has been completely overhauled for all long range weapons. I have come to realize a lot of the time its the fact bullets are travelling at too slow a rate and in Corpse Mansion Bullet Speed is a feature among many others you can upgrade at a gun crafting bench. The bases of all weapons have changed.

Bug Fixes

- Minor Tileset Error has been fixed.

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