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Steam Beta Update & Fixes #5

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Hey guys I am back with a LARGE update of fixes and suggestions based on our user feedback. Like always, if you experience the same issues again please create a new topic so I can do my best to address your concerns. Thanks again.


- Added ability to check signs. (Helps players that like to explore find where they are going after quicker.)
- Changed the look of the buy window to better show players what they are doing.
- Added extra mission in the beta/game.
- Added new character that can sell you items in the beta. (must be unlocked.)
- Changed time again. It now should take significantly longer to get to night time. This also slows down the need for food & water which in return makes the player prioritize their items in the bag. (later on in Hell City you will have containers to store items in.)


Bug Fixes
- fixed a problem where the nail gun's projectiles weren't being drawn correctly.
- fixed a problem when your inventory is full and you buy a new item you would just lose the item.
- fixed a U.I problem where the numbers for moving an item in the inventory would not display correctly.
- Fixed the clearTarget javascript bug. This should not happen anymore. If it does please don't be shy to create a new topic cause we are all only human and I will do my best to address your concerns again.

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