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Steam Beta Update & fixes #3

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Hey everyone. I have made some new updates and bug fixes, but because I roll out updates so fast please be patient with me if problems still persist. Please make a new topic with your feedback/bugs, thank you. This update will roll out some time today, I have no control over the upload times and successful uploads or failing uploads, so please be patient. Steam will notify you when you first open the client that Corpse Mansion has an update.


-Implementing tutorial to explain advanced combat
- changed all enemies sight to 6/6 instead of the original setting based on active member feedback through through the entire beta. All though, this does not include special mobs at this time.
- Moved zombies further away from Cole when dialogue is present. Also, based on our user feedback.
- doubled the time it takes for night to come as per our user feedback.


Bug Fixes
- Elena refers to the shotgun still instead of the SMG. It should now be fixed. Make a new topic if you still experience instances of this error. 
- Some bugs will be fixed at a later time because we are working on the new gun part slotting mechanic which is very difficult to do. Mostly, these are the javascript errors people are getting BUT I want you to still make topics when you experience them if there hasn't been a topic created for the same error. Please press F8 to bring up the console to find out exactly which line of code has caused the bug and provide us a screenshot in your post. This will help us fix this faster. Thank you.

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