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[Closed] General Forum Rules

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Welcome to the official Fundthemental Game forums. We have a short list of simple to follow rules, so please read through them below.

Individual subforums may have more specific rules or exceptions to these rules.

1. Do NOT insult, flame and or harass other users on the board, or anyone else outside of that. This includes the usage of slurs which aren't allowed either.

2. Do NOT discuss how to carry out illegal activities, or any illegal activities you have committed. This includes but is not limited to the use of illegal drugs and piracy.

2.1 Piracy of our own products here is not tolerated, and falls under our instant ban rules.

3. Do NOT post disruptively. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • double posting (posting directly underneath yourself, this is only allowed if 72 hours have passed since your last post)
  • offtopic posts
  • spamming (which can include one-liners, one-word posts, or just emojis)
  • necroposting (posting in a thread that has been dead for over 30 days - this is primarily for Support Forum questions and does not apply to ongoing discussions such as the new Steam Beta Feedback Boards.
  • thread hijacking (posting in another person's thread with your own questions/resources etc. that leads the focus away from the original topic and onto you)
  • clearing your own posts (in a way that the thread becomes unreadable).

4. Do NOT create an account just to spam, advertize, insult, troll, or criticize our members and or threads.

6. Do NOT attempt to take moderation into your own hands.

7. Do NOT use EXCESSIVE profanity.

8. Do NOT post sexually explicit content.

9. Do NOT use unreadable colors for your text. Specifically, red and blue text are reserved for moderators, please avoid using them.

Topic starter Posted : 22/04/2021 8:32 pm
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