Corpse Mansion


Corpse Mansion is an open-world action horror survival game where decisions play an important role in the outcome of the story. Cole Woods embarks on a mission to help his friend find her lost father, while trying to investigate an infectious disease that turns people into flesh-eating corpses.

You choose your own fate, watch the city plunge into complete chaos or build a unique economy to combat the virus. Use over 30+ weapons to lay waste to your enemies. Customize your guns with parts at a workbench to create the ultimate zombie killing weapon.



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  • Fully interactable environment : Use weapons that have the “Tool” trait to do more than just attack or use a rope to climb up a ledge.
  • Impressive arsenal of weapons to obtain. Light enemies on fire with a flamethrower or blow them to pieces with an RPG, you choose how you want to fight this epidemic.
  • Crisp and accurate sound effects for everything in the game. For example, when you move, store, sell or drop an item, it plays its own unique corresponding sound effect.
  • Decisions impact the flow of the story and ultimately the ending too. Save the citizens from their demise to gain access to more resources. You can keep track of who you have managed to save on your portable data system.
  • Slot based limited inventory system for you to manage, with containers for you to store your rare items in.
  • Realistic Shops : Shop owners don’t have unlimited stock; items Sold to them will remain in that person’s shop stock for sale indefinitely until it’s sold again. Shop owners will also get a new stock or re-stock of items for sale as the story expands. Doing missions for them can also change what they sell.
  • Survival system where players have to manage Cole’s Hunger, Thirst and Rest. You can obtain food and water from various sources in the game. Players will also be required to find a bed to sleep in to restore their Rest stat or risk passing out from exhaustion.
  • Gun Part Slot Mechanic : You’ll need a special item called a “Blueprint” first which teaches you how to repair and attach gun parts to a particular weapon. Then you can attach gun parts at any Gunsmithing Workbench to upgrade a weapon’s traits. Such as but not limited to Headshot Chance, Capacity, Damage, Durability, Knockback, Stun, ect. 
  • You can also repair a weapons durability but beware of it costing more material (Aluminum) to repair the better your gun’s upgrades are. 
  • Finally, you can create ammunition with gunpowder.