Dev Log #7 – Beta Access Ending & Early Access

Dev Log #7 – Beta Access Ending & Early Access

Beta Access that has been given out to players will be effectively revoked starting August 1st, 2021. This helps me put the beta down for a second and continue the development of Corpse Mansion’s rich world & interactable environment. This is where you will live through the hardships of Hell City and feel the constant pressure of the zombie presence. Luckily, the new gun slotting mechani... »

Game Pointers and Tips - Clarksetown Woods

Dev Log #6 – Added Pointers & Tips to the Game

Game Pointers and Tips We have added Game Pointers and Tips to the game. Currently, we have support for using XBOX ONE controllers and PS4 controllers. We still show keyboard keys by default to support our computer users first and foremost. (Hotkey bar is not compatible with controller but you can use it still with the keyboard keys.) But whichever way you choose to play the game, you will be prom... »

Dev Log #5 – Khaz Lighting & Zombie Respawn Animations

Removed Khaz Ultra Lighting from the Game This morning I made the difficult decision to remove Khaz Ultra Lighting and Real time shadows from the game for a massive performance boost. The performance loss just wasn’t worth the headache anymore. When I can use other alternative methods to create the atmosphere I am trying to capture. Because of this, I have delayed the beta release again... »

Dev Log #4 – Steam Beta Keys

Dev Log #4 – Steam Beta Keys

Steam Beta Keys After spending an entire two days trying to get back some lost dev posts, I finally threw the towel in. I have now just moved on from this. We have been working extremely hard to get the beta ready for everyone and we can’t let this interfere. Steam Beta Keys will not be available until after the weekend, most likely sometime next week. We are sorry for the inconvenience this... »

Corpse Mansion Gameplay

Dev Log #3 – New Mob Type & Game Mechanics

Killer Mob Type I would like to first introduce a new mob type to the game. These guys who are dubbed killers, have increased speed when they catch you in their line of sight. They also attack faster than your regular zombie does and deal way more damage per hit. The video above shows your disadvantage fighting with the Submachine Gun VS the Shotgun which I will show in the next video be... »

Corpse Mansion

Dev Log #2 – Submachine Gun

Hello everyone. I haven’t given an update on the progress of development for a little while. So I’m back here to share some more goodies with you. I think from now on each week we will discuss at least one cool feature of Corpse Mansion. This way we can cover something new and exciting each week that you can do in the game! I think for the foreseeable future, we will be doing it this w... »

Dev Log #1 – Corpse Mansion

Dev Log #1 – Corpse Mansion

Hello everyone. Firstly, I would like to thank all my supporter’s! Without you guys I wouldn’t have made it this far. Also, a big shout out to my guys working on the project right now for Corpse Mansion, it can be mentally exhausting making an open world game or contributing to one in any way on your own or even in a small indie studio company. Alright, now that thats settled, let̵... »