Month: April 2021

Dev Log #4 – Steam Beta Keys

Dev Log #4 – Steam Beta Keys

Steam Beta Keys After spending an entire two days trying to get back some lost dev posts, I finally threw the towel in. I have now just moved on from this. We have been working extremely hard to get the beta ready for everyone and we can’t let this interfere. Steam Beta Keys will not be available until after the weekend, most likely sometime next week. We are sorry for the inconvenience this... »

Corpse Mansion Gameplay

Dev Log #3 – New Mob Type & Game Mechanics

Killer Mob Type I would like to first introduce a new mob type to the game. These guys who are dubbed killers, have increased speed when they catch you in their line of sight. They also attack faster than your regular zombie does and deal way more damage per hit. The video above shows your disadvantage fighting with the Submachine Gun VS the Shotgun which I will show in the next video be... »